Articles | Volume 15, issue 6
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 3429–3443, 2015
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 3429–3443, 2015

Research article 28 Mar 2015

Research article | 28 Mar 2015

Total sulfate vs. sulfuric acid monomer concenterations in nucleation studies

K. Neitola et al.

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New particle formation, growth and apparent shrinkage at a rural background site in western Saudi Arabia
Simo Hakala, Mansour A. Alghamdi, Pauli Paasonen, Ville Vakkari, Mamdouh I. Khoder, Kimmo Neitola, Lubna Dada, Ahmad S. Abdelmaksoud, Hisham Al-Jeelani, Ibrahim I. Shabbaj, Fahd M. Almehmadi, Anu-Maija Sundström, Heikki Lihavainen, Veli-Matti Kerminen, Jenni Kontkanen, Markku Kulmala, Tareq Hussein, and Antti-Pekka Hyvärinen
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 10537–10555,,, 2019
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Bipolar long-term high temporal resolution broadband measurement system for incoming and outgoing solar UV radiation, and snow UV albedo, at Sodankylä (67°N) and Marambio (64°S)
O. Meinander, A. Aarva, A. Poikonen, A. Kontu, H. Suokanerva, E. Asmi, K. Neitola, E. Rodriguez, R. Sanchez, M. Mei, G. de Leeuw, and E. Kyrö
Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data Syst. Discuss.,,, 2016
Revised manuscript not accepted
Soot on snow experiments: light-absorbing impurities effect on the natural snowpack
J. Svensson, A. Virkkula, O. Meinander, N. Kivekäs, H.-R. Hannula, O. Järvinen, J. I. Peltoniemi, M. Gritsevich, A. Heikkilä, A. Kontu, A.-P. Hyvärinen, K. Neitola, D. Brus, P. Dagsson-Waldhauserova, K. Anttila, T. Hakala, H. Kaartinen, M. Vehkamäki, G. de Leeuw, and H. Lihavainen
The Cryosphere Discuss.,,, 2015
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Total sulphate vs. sulphuric acid monomer in nucleation studies: which represents the "true" concentration?
K. Neitola, D. Brus, U. Makkonen, M. Sipilä, R. L. Mauldin III, K. Kyllönen, H. Lihavainen, and M. Kulmala
Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,,, 2013
Revised manuscript not accepted

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Subject: Aerosols | Research Activity: Laboratory Studies | Altitude Range: Troposphere | Science Focus: Physics (physical properties and processes)
Ice nucleation on surrogates of boreal forest SOA particles: effect of water content and oxidative age
Ana A. Piedehierro, André Welti, Angela Buchholz, Kimmo Korhonen, Iida Pullinen, Ilkka Summanen, Annele Virtanen, and Ari Laaksonen
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 11069–11078,,, 2021
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Viscosity and phase state of aerosol particles consisting of sucrose mixed with inorganic salts
Young-Chul Song, Joseph Lilek, Jae Bong Lee, Man Nin Chan, Zhijun Wu, Andreas Zuend, and Mijung Song
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 10215–10228,,, 2021
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Observations on hygroscopic growth and phase transitions of mixed 1, 2, 6-hexanetriol ∕ (NH4)2SO4 particles: investigation of the liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS) dynamic process and mechanism and secondary LLPS during the dehumidification
Shuaishuai Ma, Zhe Chen, Shufeng Pang, and Yunhong Zhang
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 9705–9717,,, 2021
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Boundary layer structure characteristics under objective classification of persistent pollution weather types in the Beijing area
Zhaobin Sun, Xiujuan Zhao, Ziming Li, Guiqian Tang, and Shiguang Miao
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 8863–8882,,, 2021
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Properties and emission factors of cloud condensation nuclei from biomass cookstoves – observations of a strong dependency on potassium content in the fuel
Thomas Bjerring Kristensen, John Falk, Robert Lindgren, Christina Andersen, Vilhelm B. Malmborg, Axel C. Eriksson, Kimmo Korhonen, Ricardo Luis Carvalho, Christoffer Boman, Joakim Pagels, and Birgitta Svenningsson
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 8023–8044,,, 2021
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