Articles | Volume 22, issue 5
Research article
11 Mar 2022
Research article |  | 11 Mar 2022

Amplified role of potential HONO sources in O3 formation in North China Plain during autumn haze aggravating processes

Jingwei Zhang, Chaofan Lian, Weigang Wang, Maofa Ge, Yitian Guo, Haiyan Ran, Yusheng Zhang, Feixue Zheng, Xiaolong Fan, Chao Yan, Kaspar R. Daellenbach, Yongchun Liu, Markku Kulmala, and Junling An

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Short summary
This study added six potential HONO sources to the WRF-Chem model, evaluated their impact on HONO and O3 concentrations, including surface and vertical concentrations. The simulations extend our knowledge on atmospheric HONO sources, especially for nitrate photolysis. The study also explains the HONO difference in O3 formation on clean and hazy days, and reveals key potential HONO sources to O3 enhancements in haze-aggravating processes with a co-occurrence of high PM2.5 and O3 concentrations.
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