Articles | Volume 21, issue 12
Review article
01 Jul 2021
Review article |  | 01 Jul 2021

CO2-equivalence metrics for surface albedo change based on the radiative forcing concept: a critical review

Ryan M. Bright and Marianne T. Lund

Data sets

Supplemental data of Global Carbon Budget 2019 (Version 1.0) Global Carbon Project

Short summary
Humans affect the reflective properties (albedo) of Earth's surface and the amount of solar energy that it absorbs, in turn affecting climate. In recent years, a variety of climate metrics have been applied to characterize albedo perturbations in terms of their CO2-equivalent effects, despite the lack of scientific consensus surrounding the methods behind them. We review these metrics, evaluate their (de)merits, provide guidance for future application, and suggest avenues for future research.
Final-revised paper