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Peer-reviewed comment
01 Jun 2023
Peer-reviewed comment |  | 01 Jun 2023

Comment on “Climate consequences of hydrogen emissions” by Ocko and Hamburg (2022)

Lei Duan and Ken Caldeira

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Scripts for the paper entitled "Comment on 'Climate consequences of hydrogen emissions' by Ocko and Hamburg (2022)" L. Duan and K. Caldeira

Short summary
Ocko and Hamburg (2022) emphasize the short-term climate impact of hydrogen, and we present an analysis that places greater focus on long-term outcomes. We have derived equations that describe the time-evolving impact of hydrogen and show that higher methane leakage is primarily responsible for the warming potential of blue hydrogen, while hydrogen leakage plays a less critical role. Fossil fuels show more prominent longer-term climate impacts than clean hydrogen under all emission scenarios.
Final-revised paper