Articles | Volume 23, issue 17
Research article
11 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 11 Sep 2023

Surface ozone over the Tibetan Plateau controlled by stratospheric intrusion

Xiufeng Yin, Dipesh Rupakheti, Guoshuai Zhang, Jiali Luo, Shichang Kang, Benjamin de Foy, Junhua Yang, Zhenming Ji, Zhiyuan Cong, Maheswar Rupakheti, Ping Li, Yuling Hu, and Qianggong Zhang

Data sets

CESM2.1/CAM-chem Instantaneous Output for Boundary Conditions R. R. Buchholz, L. K. Emmons, S. Tilmes, and The CESM2 Development Team

Short summary
The monthly mean surface ozone concentrations peaked earlier in the south in April and May and later in the north in June and July over the Tibetan Plateau. The migration of monthly surface ozone peaks was coupled with the synchronous movement of tropopause folds and the westerly jet that created conditions conducive to stratospheric ozone intrusion. Stratospheric ozone intrusion significantly contributed to surface ozone across the Tibetan Plateau.
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