Articles | Volume 22, issue 17
Research article
09 Sep 2022
Research article |  | 09 Sep 2022

Observing short-timescale cloud development to constrain aerosol–cloud interactions

Edward Gryspeerdt, Franziska Glassmeier, Graham Feingold, Fabian Hoffmann, and Rebecca J. Murray-Watson

Model code and software

EdGrrr/gryspeerdtetal-acp-2022: Zenodo version E. Gryspeerdt

Short summary
The response of clouds to changes in aerosol remains a large uncertainty in our understanding of the climate. Studies typically look at aerosol and cloud processes in snapshot images, measuring all properties at the same time. Here we use multiple images to characterise how cloud temporal development responds to aerosol. We find a reduction in liquid water path with increasing aerosol, party due to feedbacks. This suggests the aerosol impact on cloud water may be weaker than in previous studies.
Final-revised paper