Articles | Volume 22, issue 17
Measurement report
08 Sep 2022
Measurement report |  | 08 Sep 2022

Measurement report: The 10-year trend of PM2.5 major components and source tracers from 2008 to 2017 in an urban site of Hong Kong, China

Wing Sze Chow, Kezheng Liao, X. H. Hilda Huang, Ka Fung Leung, Alexis K. H. Lau, and Jian Zhen Yu

Data sets

Ten-year (2008-2017) PM2.5 major components and select tracers at Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Jian Zhen Yu, Wing Sze Chow, and X. H. Hilda Huang

Short summary
Long-term monitoring data of PM2.5 chemical composition provide essential information for evaluation and planning of control measures. Here we present a 10-year (2008–2017) time series of PM2.5, its major components, and select source markers in an urban site in Hong Kong. The dataset verified the success of local vehicular emission control measures as well as reduction of sulfate and regional sources such as industrial and coal combustion and crop residue burning emissions over the decade.
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