Articles | Volume 21, issue 4
Research article
01 Mar 2021
Research article |  | 01 Mar 2021

Elemental and water-insoluble organic carbon in Svalbard snow: a synthesis of observations during 2007–2018

Christian Zdanowicz, Jean-Charles Gallet, Mats P. Björkman, Catherine Larose, Thomas Schuler, Bartłomiej Luks, Krystyna Koziol, Andrea Spolaor, Elena Barbaro, Tõnu Martma, Ward van Pelt, Ulla Wideqvist, and Johan Ström

Data sets

Particulate organic and elemental carbon in Svalbard snow, 2007-18 J.-C. Gallet, C. Zdanowicz, M. P. Björkman, C. Larose, T. V. Schuler, B. Luks, K. Koziol, A. Spolaor, E. Barbaro, T. Martma, U. Wideqvist, and J. Ström

Short summary
Black carbon (BC) aerosols are soot-like particles which, when transported to the Arctic, darken snow surfaces, thus indirectly affecting climate. Information on BC in Arctic snow is needed to measure their impact and monitor the efficacy of pollution-reduction policies. This paper presents a large new set of BC measurements in snow in Svalbard collected between 2007 and 2018. It describes how BC in snow varies across the archipelago and explores some factors controlling these variations.
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