Articles | Volume 21, issue 23
Research article
06 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 06 Dec 2021

Synergetic effects of NH3 and NOx on the production and optical absorption of secondary organic aerosol formation from toluene photooxidation

Shijie Liu, Dandan Huang, Yiqian Wang, Si Zhang, Xiaodi Liu, Can Wu, Wei Du, and Gehui Wang

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Synergetic effect of NH3 and NOx on SOA Shijie Liu

Short summary
A series of chamber experiments was performed to probe the individual and common effects of NH3 and NOx on toluene secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation through OH photooxidation. The synergetic effects of NH3 and NOx on the toluene SOA concentration and optical absorption were observed. The higher-volatility products formed in the presence of NOx could precipitate into the particle phase when NH3 was added. The formation pathways of N-containing OAs through NOx or NH3 are also discussed.
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