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08 Apr 2019
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A new description of probability density distributions of polar mesospheric clouds

Uwe Berger, Gerd Baumgarten, Jens Fiedler, and Franz-Josef Lübken

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Local time dependence of polar mesospheric clouds: a model study
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NOy production, ozone loss and changes in net radiative heating due to energetic particle precipitation in 2002–2010
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Subject: Clouds and Precipitation | Research Activity: Atmospheric Modelling and Data Analysis | Altitude Range: Mesosphere | Science Focus: Physics (physical properties and processes)
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Comparison of retrieved noctilucent cloud particle properties from Odin tomography scans and model simulations
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Short summary
In this paper we present a new description of statistical probability density functions (pdfs) of polar mesospheric clouds (PMC). We derive a new class of pdfs that describes successfully the probability statistic of ALOMAR lidar observations of different ice parameters. As a main advantage the new method allows us to connect different observational PMC distributions of lidar and satellite data, and also to compare with distributions from ice model studies.
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