Articles | Volume 19, issue 2
Research article
31 Jan 2019
Research article |  | 31 Jan 2019

The observed diurnal cycle of low-level stratus clouds over southern West Africa: a case study

Karmen Babić, Bianca Adler, Norbert Kalthoff, Hendrik Andersen, Cheikh Dione, Fabienne Lohou, Marie Lothon, and Xabier Pedruzo-Bagazgoitia

Data sets

DACCIWA field campaign, Savè super-site, UPS instrumentation S. Derrien, Y. Bezombes, B. Bret, O. Gabella, C. Jarnot, P. Medina, E. Piques, C. Delon, C. Dione, B. Campistron, P. Durand, C. Jambert, F. Lohou, M. Lothon, F. Pacifico, F., and Y. Meyerfeld

DACCIWA field campaign, Savè super-site, Cloud and precipitation J. Handwerker, S. Scheer, and T. Gamer

DACCIWA field campaign, Savè super-site, Surface measurements M. Kohler, N. Kalthoff, J. Seringer, and S. Kraut

DACCIWA field campaign, Savè super-site, Thermodynamic data sets A. Wieser, B. Adler, and B. Deny

Short summary
The first detailed observational analysis of the complete diurnal cycle of low-level clouds (LLC) and associated atmospheric processes over southern West Africa is performed using the data gathered within the DACCIWA (Dynamics-Aerosol-Chemistry-Cloud-Interactions in West Africa) ground-based campaign. We find cooling related to the horizontal advection, which occurs in connection with the inflow of cool maritime air mass and a prominent low-level jet, to have the dominant role in LLC formation.
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