Articles | Volume 17, issue 11
Research article
16 Jun 2017
Research article |  | 16 Jun 2017

TEMIS UV product validation using NILU-UV ground-based measurements in Thessaloniki, Greece

Melina-Maria Zempila, Jos H. G. M. van Geffen, Michael Taylor, Ilias Fountoulakis, Maria-Elissavet Koukouli, Michiel van Weele, Ronald J. van der A, Alkiviadis Bais, Charikleia Meleti, and Dimitrios Balis

Data sets

TEMIS UV product validation in Thessaloniki, Greece M. Zempila, J. H. G. M., van Geffen, M. Taylor, and D. Balis

TEMIS UV validation in Thessaloniki, Greece (YES data) M. Zempila

Short summary
NILU irradiances at five UV channels were used to produce CIE, vitamin D, and DNA- damage daily doses via a neural network (NN) model. The NN was trained with collocated weighted Brewer spectra and uncertainty in the NILU-derived UV effective doses was 7.5 %. TEMIS UV products were found to be ~ 12.5 % higher than the NILU estimates. The results improve for cloud-free days with differences of 0.57 % for CIE, 1.22 % for vitamin D, and 1.18 % for DNA damage, with standard deviations of ~ 11–13 %.
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