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22 Dec 2023
Research article |  | 22 Dec 2023

Is transport of microplastics different from mineral particles? Idealized wind tunnel studies on polyethylene microspheres

Eike Maximilian Esders, Sebastian Sittl, Inka Krammel, Wolfgang Babel, Georg Papastavrou, and Christoph Karl Thomas

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Vertical concentrations gradients and transport of airborne microplastics in wind tunnel experiments
Eike Maximilian Esders, Christoph Georgi, Wolfgang Babel, Andreas Held, and Christoph Karl Thomas
Aerosol Research Discuss.,,, 2024
Preprint under review for AR
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Do microplastics behave differently from mineral particles when they are exposed to wind? We observed plastic and mineral particles in a wind tunnel and measured at what wind speeds the particles start to move. The results indicate that microplastics start to move at smaller wind speeds as they weigh less and are less sticky. Hence, we think that microplastics also move more easily in the environment.
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