Articles | Volume 23, issue 22
Research article
20 Nov 2023
Research article |  | 20 Nov 2023

Quantifying the dependence of drop spectrum width on cloud drop number concentration for cloud remote sensing

Matthew D. Lebsock and Mikael Witte

Data sets

MASE cabin and cloud probe data [Data set]. In Geophysical Research Letters M. Witte

Holographic Detector for Clouds (HOLODEC) LRT (1sps) binned particle count and concentration data - NetCDF format. Version 1.0 S. Glienke

POST: UC Santa Cruz 1-hz PDI Drop Size Spectra - netCDF format. Version 1.0 P. Chuang and D. Rossiter

VOCALS: CIRPAS Twin Otter Phased Doppler Interferometer Droplet Concentration. Version 1.0 P. Chuang and D. Rossiter

Short summary
This paper evaluates measurements of cloud drop size distributions made from airplanes. We find that as the number of cloud drops increases the distribution of the cloud drop sizes narrows. The data are used to develop a simple equation that relates the drop number to the width of the drop sizes. We then use this equation to demonstrate that existing approaches to observe the drop number from satellites contain errors that can be corrected by including the new relationship.
Final-revised paper