Articles | Volume 22, issue 11
Research article
14 Jun 2022
Research article |  | 14 Jun 2022

Regional impacts of black carbon morphologies on shortwave aerosol–radiation interactions: a comparative study between the US and China

Jie Luo, Zhengqiang Li, Chenchong Zhang, Qixing Zhang, Yongming Zhang, Ying Zhang, Gabriele Curci, and Rajan K. Chakrabarty

Data sets

Look\_up\ J. Luo

Air quality historical data query J. Wang

United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA

Model code and software

Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled to Chemistry (WRF-Chem) K. Y. Wong

MSTM Version 3.0: April 2013 D. W. Mackowski

libRadtran B. Mayer, C. Emde, J. Gasteiger, and A. Kylling

FlexAOD: A post-processing tool for Aerosol Optical Properties calculations G. Curci

Short summary
The fractal black carbon was applied to re-evaluate the regional impacts of morphologies on aerosol–radiation interactions (ARIs), and the effects were compared between the US and China. The regional-mean clear-sky ARI is significantly affected by the BC morphology, and relative differences of 17.1 % and 38.7 % between the fractal model with a Df of 1.8 and the spherical model were observed in eastern China and the northwest US, respectively.
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