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30 May 2022
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 30 May 2022

Optically thin clouds in the trades

Theresa Mieslinger, Bjorn Stevens, Tobias Kölling, Manfred Brath, Martin Wirth, and Stefan A. Buehler

Data sets

Retrieval results for optically thin clouds in the trades (1.0) Theresa Mieslinger

The ASTER dataset for EUREC4A (0.0) Theresa Mieslinger

Cloud top height derived from airborne measurements with the WALES lidar during the EUREC4A field campaign Martin Wirth

Model code and software

Simplified Clear-Sky radiative transfer Model (SCSM) ('0.0') Theresa Mieslinger

atmtools/typhon: Typhon Release 0.9.0 Oliver Lemke, Lukas Kluft, John Mrziglod, Simon Pfreundschuh, Gerrit Holl, Richard Larsson, Takayoshi Yamada, Theresa Mieslinger, and Jakob Doerr

Short summary
The trades are home to a plethora of small cumulus clouds that are often barely visible to the human eye and difficult to detect with active and passive remote sensing methods. With the help of a new method and by means of high-resolution data we can detect small and particularly thin clouds. We find that optically thin clouds are a common phenomenon in the trades, covering a large area and influencing the radiative effect of clouds if they are undetected and contaminate the cloud-free signal.
Final-revised paper