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Peer-reviewed comment
04 Feb 2022
Peer-reviewed comment |  | 04 Feb 2022

Comment on “Short-cut transport path for Asian dust directly to the Arctic: a case Study” by Huang et al. (2015) in Environ. Res. Lett.​​​​​​​

Keyvan Ranjbar, Norm T. O'Neill, and Yasmin Aboel-Fetouh

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Lidar Group University of Wisconsin

Short summary
We argue that the illustration employed by Huang et al. (2015) to demonstrate the transport of Asian dust to the high Arctic was, in fact, largely a cloud event and that the actual impact of Asian dust was measurable but much weaker than what they proposed and had occurred a day earlier (in agreement with the transport model they had employed to predict the transport path to the high Arctic).
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