Articles | Volume 22, issue 23
Research article
01 Dec 2022
Research article |  | 01 Dec 2022

Atmospheric particle abundance and sea salt aerosol observations in the springtime Arctic: a focus on blowing snow and leads

Qianjie Chen, Jessica A. Mirrielees, Sham Thanekar, Nicole A. Loeb, Rachel M. Kirpes, Lucia M. Upchurch, Anna J. Barget, Nurun Nahar Lata, Angela R. W. Raso, Stephen M. McNamara, Swarup China, Patricia K. Quinn, Andrew P. Ault, Aaron Kennedy, Paul B. Shepson, Jose D. Fuentes, and Kerri A. Pratt

Data sets

Ceilometer (CEIL10M), 2016-04-03 to 2016-05-07 ARM

Short summary
During a spring field campaign in the coastal Arctic, ultrafine particles were enhanced during high wind speeds, and coarse-mode particles were reduced during blowing snow. Calculated periods blowing snow were overpredicted compared to observations. Sea spray aerosols produced by sea ice leads affected the composition of aerosols and snowpack. An improved understanding of aerosol emissions from leads and blowing snow is critical for predicting the future climate of the rapidly warming Arctic.
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