Articles | Volume 22, issue 23
Research article
30 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 30 Nov 2022

Aerosol–cloud interaction in the atmospheric chemistry model GRAPES_Meso5.1/CUACE and its impacts on mesoscale numerical weather prediction under haze pollution conditions in Jing–Jin–Ji in China

Wenjie Zhang, Hong Wang, Xiaoye Zhang, Liping Huang, Yue Peng, Zhaodong Liu, Xiao Zhang, and Huizheng Che

Data sets

VIIRS Atmosphere L3 Cloud Properties Product, Version-1.1 S. Platnick, K. G. Meyer, P. Hubanks, R. Holz, S. A. Ackerman, and A. K. Heidinger

CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 Vertical Feature Mask (VFM), V4-20 NASA/LARC/SD/ASDC

NCEP GDAS/FNL 0.25 Degree Global Tropospheric Analyses and Forecast Grids National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Weather Service/NOAA/U.S. Department of Commerce

Short summary
Aerosol–cloud interaction (ACI) is first implemented in the atmospheric chemistry system GRAPES_Meso5.1/CUACE. ACI can improve the simulated cloud, temperature, and precipitation under haze pollution conditions in Jing-Jin-Ji in China. This paper demonstrates the critical role of ACI in current numerical weather prediction over the severely polluted region.
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