Articles | Volume 22, issue 22
Research article
25 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 25 Nov 2022

Global seasonal distribution of CH2Br2 and CHBr3 in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Markus Jesswein, Rafael P. Fernandez, Lucas Berná, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Jens-Uwe Grooß, Ryan Hossaini, Eric C. Apel, Rebecca S. Hornbrook, Elliot L. Atlas, Donald R. Blake, Stephen Montzka, Timo Keber, Tanja Schuck, Thomas Wagenhäuser, and Andreas Engel

Data sets

ATom: Merged Atmospheric Chemistry, Trace Gases, and Aerosols, Version 2 S. Wofsy, S. Afshar, H. Allen, E. Apel, E. Asher, B. Barletta, J. Bent, H. Bian, B. Biggs, D. Blake, N. Blake, I. Bourgeois, C. Brock, W. Brune, J. Budney, T. Bui, A. Butler, P. Campuzano-Jost, C. Chang, M. Chin, R. Commane, G. Correa, J. Crounse, P. D. Cullis, B. Daube, D. Day, J. Dean-Day, J. Dibb, J. DiGangi, G. Diskin, M. Dollner, J. Elkins, F. Erdesz, A. Fiore, C. Flynn, K. Froyd, D. Gesler, S. Hall, T. Hanisco, R. Hannun, A. Hills, E. Hintsa, A. Hoffman, R. Hornbrook, L. Huey, S. Hughes, J. Jimenez, B. Johnson, J. Katich, R. Keeling, M. Kim, A. Kupc, L. Lait, K. McKain, R. Mclaughlin, S. Meinardi, D. Miller, S. Montzka, F. Moore, E. Morgan, D. Murphy, L. Murray, B. Nault, J. Neuman, P. Newman, J. Nicely, X. Pan, W. Paplawsky, J. Peischl, M. Prather, D. Price, E. Ray, J. Reeves, M. Richardson, A. Rollins, K. Rosenlof, T. Ryerson, E. Scheuer, G. Schill, J. Schroder, J. Schwarz, J. St. Clair, S. Steenrod, B. Stephens, S. Strode, C. Sweeney, D. Tanner, A. Teng, A. Thames, C. Thompson, K. Ullmann, P. Veres, N. Wagner, A. Watt, R. Weber, B. Weinzierl, P. Wennberg, C. Williamson, J. Wilson, G. Wolfe, C. Woods, L. Zeng, and N. Vieznor

Short summary
This study presents the global and seasonal distribution of the two major brominated short-lived substances CH2Br2 and CHBr3 in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere based on observations from several aircraft campaigns. They show similar seasonality for both hemispheres, except in the respective hemispheric autumn lower stratosphere. A comparison with the TOMCAT and CAM-Chem models shows good agreement in the annual mean but larger differences in the seasonal consideration.
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