Articles | Volume 22, issue 2
Research article
25 Jan 2022
Research article |  | 25 Jan 2022

Influence of organic aerosol molecular composition on particle absorptive properties in autumn Beijing

Jing Cai, Cheng Wu, Jiandong Wang, Wei Du, Feixue Zheng, Simo Hakala, Xiaolong Fan, Biwu Chu, Lei Yao, Zemin Feng, Yongchun Liu, Yele Sun, Jun Zheng, Chao Yan, Federico Bianchi, Markku Kulmala, Claudia Mohr, and Kaspar R. Daellenbach

Data sets

Influence of organic aerosol composition determined by offline FIGAERO-CIMS on particle absorptive properties in autumn Beijing Jing Cai

Short summary
This study investigates the connection between organic aerosol (OA) molecular composition and particle absorptive properties in autumn in Beijing. We find that the molecular properties of OA compounds in different episodes influence particle light absorption properties differently: the light absorption enhancement of black carbon and light absorption coefficient of brown carbon were mostly related to more oxygenated OA (low C number and four O atoms) and aromatics/nitro-aromatics, respectively.
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