Articles | Volume 21, issue 10
Research article
20 May 2021
Research article |  | 20 May 2021

Wintertime direct radiative effects due to black carbon (BC) over the Indo-Gangetic Plain as modelled with new BC emission inventories in CHIMERE

Sanhita Ghosh, Shubha Verma, Jayanarayanan Kuttippurath, and Laurent Menut

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Transport of the BC aerosol over the IGP Sanhita Ghosh and Shubha Verma


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Short summary
Wintertime direct radiative perturbation due to black carbon (BC) aerosols was assessed over the Indo-Gangetic Plain with an efficiently modelled BC distribution. The atmospheric radiative warming due to BC was about 50–70 % larger than surface cooling. Compared to the atmosphere without BC, for which a net cooling at the top of the atmosphere was exhibited, enhanced atmospheric radiative warming by 2–3 times and a reduction in surface cooling by 10–20 % were found due to BC.
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