Articles | Volume 21, issue 8
Research article
30 Apr 2021
Research article |  | 30 Apr 2021

Chemical composition and source attribution of sub-micrometre aerosol particles in the summertime Arctic lower troposphere

Franziska Köllner, Johannes Schneider, Megan D. Willis, Hannes Schulz, Daniel Kunkel, Heiko Bozem, Peter Hoor, Thomas Klimach, Frank Helleis, Julia Burkart, W. Richard Leaitch, Amir A. Aliabadi, Jonathan P. D. Abbatt, Andreas B. Herber, and Stephan Borrmann

Data sets

Data from the NETCARE POLAR6 2014 campaign Jonathan P. D. Abbatt, Michael Liu, Amir A. Aliabadi, Andreas B. Herber, Hannes Schulz, Megan D. Willis, W. Richard Leaitch, Johannes Schneider, Franziska Köllner, Heiko Bozem, Peter Hoor, Ralf Staebler, and Ann-Lise Norman

Short summary
We present in situ observations of vertically resolved particle chemical composition in the summertime Arctic lower troposphere. Our analysis demonstrates the strong vertical contrast between particle properties within the boundary layer and aloft. Emissions from vegetation fires and anthropogenic sources in northern Canada, Europe, and East Asia influenced particle composition in the free troposphere. Organics detected in Arctic aerosol particles can partly be identified as dicarboxylic acids.
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