Articles | Volume 21, issue 24
Research article
20 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 20 Dec 2021

Evaluation of SO2, SO42− and an updated SO2 dry deposition parameterization in the United Kingdom Earth System Model

Catherine Hardacre, Jane P. Mulcahy, Richard J. Pope, Colin G. Jones, Steven T. Rumbold, Can Li, Colin Johnson, and Steven T. Turnock

Data sets

Introduction to the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP) and observed atmospheric composition change during 1972–2009 ( K. Tørseth, W. Aas, K. Breivik, A. M. Fjæraa, M. Fiebig, A. G. Hjellbrekke, C. Lund Myhre, S. Solberg, and K. E. Yttri

MOHC UKESM1.0-LL model output prepared for CMIP6 CMIP historical CMIP historical Y. Tang, S. Rumbold, R. Ellis, D. Kelley, J. Mulcahy, A. Sellar, J. Walton, and C. Jones

WCRP CMIP6 ESGF Node Earth System CoG sponsors and partners

Model code and software

RoseCylc NCAS Computational Modelling services NCAS Computational Modelling Services

Short summary
We investigate UKESM1's ability to represent the sulfur (S) cycle in the recent historical period. The S cycle is a key driver of historical radiative forcing. Earth system models such as UKESM1 should represent the S cycle well so that we can have confidence in their projections of future climate. We compare UKESM1 to observations of sulfur compounds, finding that the model generally performs well. We also identify areas for UKESM1’s development, focussing on how SO2 is removed from the air.
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