Articles | Volume 21, issue 23
Research article
06 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 06 Dec 2021

Traces of urban forest in temperature and CO2 signals in monsoon East Asia

Keunmin Lee, Je-Woo Hong, Jeongwon Kim, Sungsoo Jo, and Jinkyu Hong

Data sets

CO2 flux partitioning program and example data over the urban forest K. Lee, J. W. Hong, J. Kim, and J. Hong

Short summary
This study examine two benefits of urban forest, thermal mitigation and carbon uptake. Our analysis indicates that the urban forest reduces both the warming trend and urban heat island intensity. Urban forest is a net CO2 source despite larger photosynthetic carbon uptake because of strong contribution of ecosystem respiration, which can be attributed to the substantial amount of soil organic carbon by intensive historical soil use and warm temperature in a city.
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