Articles | Volume 21, issue 19
Research article
14 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 14 Oct 2021

Spatially and temporally resolved measurements of NOx fluxes by airborne eddy covariance over Greater London

Adam R. Vaughan, James D. Lee, Stefan Metzger, David Durden, Alastair C. Lewis, Marvin D. Shaw, Will S. Drysdale, Ruth M. Purvis, Brian Davison, and C. Nicholas Hewitt

Model code and software

eddy4R 0.2.0: a DevOps model for community-extensible processing and analysis of eddy-covariance data based on R, Git, Docker, and HDF5 ( S. Metzger, D. Durden, C. Sturtevant, H. Luo, N. Pingintha-Durden, T. Sachs, A. Serafimovich, J. Hartmann, J. Li, K. Xu, and A. R. Desai

Short summary
Validating emissions estimates of atmospheric pollutants is a vital pathway towards reducing urban concentrations of air pollution and ensuring effective legislative controls are implemented. The work presented here highlights a strategy capable of quantifying and spatially disaggregating NOx emissions over challenging urban terrain. This work shows great scope as a tool for emission inventory validation and independent generation of high-resolution surface emissions on a city-wide scale.
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