Articles | Volume 21, issue 19
Research article
12 Oct 2021
Research article |  | 12 Oct 2021

Impacts of the Saharan air layer on the physical properties of the Atlantic tropical cyclone cloud systems: 2003–2019

Hao Luo and Yong Han

Data sets

MODIS atmosphere L3 monthly product, NASA MODIS Adaptive Processing System S. Platnick, M. King, K. Meyer, G. Wind, N. Amarasinghe, B. Marchant, G. Arnold, Z. Zhang, P. Hubanks, and B. Ridgway

Atlantic Hurricane Database Uncertainty and Presentation of a New Database Format (\#hurdat) C. W. Landsea and J. L. Franklin

NCEP FNL Operational Model Global Tropospheric Analyses, continuing from July 1999 NCAR

Short summary
The various feedbacks of Atlantic tropical cyclones (TCs) to the Saharan air layer (SAL) are determined by the combined effects of dry air masses, the dust aerosols as ice nuclei, and dynamic, thermodynamic, and moisture conditions. The specific influence mechanisms of SAL on the three intensities of TCs (tropical depression, tropical storm, and hurricane) are different. The conclusions are beneficial to our recognition of the physical process and evolution of TCs in the Atlantic region.
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