Articles | Volume 20, issue 9
Research article
13 May 2020
Research article |  | 13 May 2020

The role of plume-scale processes in long-term impacts of aircraft emissions

Thibaud M. Fritz, Sebastian D. Eastham, Raymond L. Speth, and Steven R. H. Barrett

Model code and software


fritzt/APCEMM: APCEMM_v5.0.0 T. Fritz

Short summary
Aircraft exhaust drives formation of ozone and is a dominant anthropogenic influence in the upper troposphere. These impacts are mitigated by non-linear chemistry inside the aircraft plume, which cuts off part of the ozone production pathway and reduces the long-term impact of aircraft in a way which is not captured by current models. The ice clouds which form in aircraft exhaust ("contrails") also play a role, converting emitted nitrogen oxides into more stable forms such as nitric acid.
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