Articles | Volume 18, issue 13
Research article
04 Jul 2018
Research article |  | 04 Jul 2018

Future changes in surface ozone over the Mediterranean Basin in the framework of the Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment (ChArMEx)

Nizar Jaidan, Laaziz El Amraoui, Jean-Luc Attié, Philippe Ricaud, and François Dulac

Data sets

The model data outputs from the Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ACCMIP) Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Model Intercomparison Project

Gridded Global Surface Ozone Metrics data (1971--2015) for Atmospheric Chemistry Model Evaluation --version 2.7 M. J. Evans and E. D. Sofen

Short summary
The Mediterranean Basin, surrounded by three continents with diverse pollution sources, is particularly sensitive to climate change due to its location and diversity of ecosystems. In this work, we investigate the future change of surface ozone from 2000 to 2100 over this region using a set of atmospheric model outputs and ground-based observations. We also highlight how the future climate change and the increase of methane concentrations can offset the benefit of the pollution reduction policy.
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