Articles | Volume 18, issue 17
Research article
13 Sep 2018
Research article |  | 13 Sep 2018

Molecular insights on aging and aqueous-phase processing from ambient biomass burning emissions-influenced Po Valley fog and aerosol

Matthew Brege, Marco Paglione, Stefania Gilardoni, Stefano Decesari, Maria Cristina Facchini, and Lynn R. Mazzoleni

Data sets

Ultrahigh resolution FT-ICR MS data for biomass burning emissions-influenced fog and aerosol from the Po Valley M. Brege and L. R. Mazzoleni

Short summary
The detailed molecular composition of ambient fog and aerosol influenced by regional biomass burning and secondary processes was studied. Aerosol and aqueous-phase functionalization and oxidation were observed, leading to fog compositions that are more "SOA-like" than aerosols. The significance of the aqueous phase in transforming the molecular chemistry and contributing to secondary organic aerosol is demonstrated here.
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