Articles | Volume 18, issue 17
Research article
04 Sep 2018
Research article |  | 04 Sep 2018

Exploring the first aerosol indirect effect over Southeast Asia using a 10-year collocated MODIS, CALIOP, and model dataset

Alexa D. Ross, Robert E. Holz, Gregory Quinn, Jeffrey S. Reid, Peng Xian, F. Joseph Turk, and Derek J. Posselt

Data sets

USGODAE Project - NAAPS data US Navy at Naval Research Laboratory Marine Meteorology Division

Short summary
This paper explores how clouds and aerosols interact over Southeast Asia. We introduce a new collocated dataset called the Curtain Cloud-Aerosol Regional A-Train (CCARA) product. CCARA is special because it combines satellite observations with model reanalysis. We find that increased aerosol corresponds to smaller observed liquid cloud droplets in some areas. Other areas experienced little to no change in effective radius (droplet size) when aerosol amount increased.
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