Articles | Volume 18, issue 15
Technical note
09 Aug 2018
Technical note |  | 09 Aug 2018

Technical note: Comparison and interconversion of pH based on different standard states for aerosol acidity characterization

Shiguo Jia, Xuemei Wang, Qi Zhang, Sayantan Sarkar, Luolin Wu, Minjuan Huang, Jinpu Zhang, and Liming Yang

Model code and software

E-AIM model S. Clegg, P. Brimblecombe, and A. Wexler

ISORROPIA-II model A. Nenes, C. Fountoukis, S. Pandis, and C. Pilinis

AIOMFAC model A. Zuend, C. Marcolli, B. Luo, and T. Peter

Short summary
Aerosol pH are often directly compared across studies while ignoring the inconsistency in standard states. This study attempts to address this issue by comparing aerosol pH with different standard states on the basis of theoretical considerations followed with a set of field data as an example. Application of a pH standardization protocol including a precise statement of thermodynamic model parameters is recommended to avoid biases in cross-comparison.
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