Articles | Volume 17, issue 20
Research article
16 Oct 2017
Research article |  | 16 Oct 2017

Reconciling differences in stratospheric ozone composites

William T. Ball, Justin Alsing, Daniel J. Mortlock, Eugene V. Rozanov, Fiona Tummon, and Joanna D. Haigh

Data sets

BASIC Composite Ozone Time-Series Data Alsing, J. and W. T. Ball

Short summary
Several ozone composites show different decadal trends, even in composites built with the same data. We remove artefacts affecting trend analysis with a new method (BASIC) and construct an ozone composite, with uncertainties. We find a significant ozone recovery since 1998 in the midlatitude upper stratosphere, with no hemispheric difference. We recommend using a similar approach to construct a composite based on the original instrument data to improve stratospheric ozone trend estimates.
Final-revised paper