Articles | Volume 17, issue 18
Research article
29 Sep 2017
Research article |  | 29 Sep 2017

Leipzig Ice Nucleation chamber Comparison (LINC): intercomparison of four online ice nucleation counters

Monika Burkert-Kohn, Heike Wex, André Welti, Susan Hartmann, Sarah Grawe, Lisa Hellner, Paul Herenz, James D. Atkinson, Frank Stratmann, and Zamin A. Kanji

Data sets

Ice nucleation dataset from the Leipzig ice nucleation chamber comparison (LINC) M. Burkert-Kohn, H. Wex, A. Welti, S. Hartmann, S. Grawe, L. Hellner, P. Herenz, J. D. Atkinson, F. Stratmann, and Z. A. Kanji

Short summary
Several instruments can investigate properties of ice-nucleating particles (INPs), which are crucial to understanding ice cloud formation. We intercompare four online ice nucleation counters and reasonable agreement is found when the same ice nucleation mode is tested. A variable scaling factor was necessary to reconcile condensation freezing results with immersion freezing. Factors related to instrumental setup and aerosol generation are discussed to explain observed differences.
Final-revised paper