Articles | Volume 16, issue 20
Review article
20 Oct 2016
Review article |  | 20 Oct 2016

Are atmospheric updrafts a key to unlocking climate forcing and sensitivity?

Leo J. Donner, Travis A. O'Brien, Daniel Rieger, Bernhard Vogel, and William F. Cooke

Data sets

WCRP and WWRP THORPEX YOTC (Year of Tropical Convection) Project, Single Parameter 6-Hourly Pressure Level Analysis Time Series, Transformed to a Regular 1600 by 800 (N400) Gaussian Grid. Research Data Archive at the National Center for Atmospheric Resear European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Short summary
Uncertainties in both climate forcing and sensitivity limit the extent to which climate projections can meet society's needs for actionable climate science. Advances in observing and modeling atmospheric vertical velocities provide a potential breakthrough in understanding climate forcing and sensitivity, with concurrent reductions in uncertainty.
Final-revised paper