Articles | Volume 8, issue 16
21 Aug 2008
 | 21 Aug 2008

Intercomparison of erythemal broadband radiometers calibrated by seven UV calibration facilities in Europe and the USA

G. Hülsen, J. Gröbner, A. Bais, M. Blumthaler, P. Disterhoft, B. Johnsen, K. O. Lantz, C. Meleti, J. Schreder, J. M. Vilaplana Guerrero, and L. Ylianttila

Abstract. A bi-lateral intercomparison of erythemal broadband radiometers was performed between seven UV calibration facilities. The calibrations provided by the instruments owners were compared relative to the characterisation and calibration performed at PMOD/WRC in Davos, Switzerland. The calibration consisted in the determination of the spectral and angular response of the radiometer, followed by an absolute calibration performed outdoors relative to a spectroradiometer which provided the absolute reference.

The characterization of the detectors in the respective laboratories are in good agreement: The determinations of the angular responses have deviations below ±4% and the spectral responses agree within ±20%. A "blind" intercomparison of the erythemally weighted irradiances derived by the respective institutes and PMOD/WRC showed consistent measurements to within ±2% for the majority of institutes. One institute showed slightly larger deviation of 10%. The differences found between the different instrument calibrations are all within the combined uncertainty of the calibration.

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