Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
20 Jan 2005
20 Jan 2005

Observations of oxidation products above a forest imply biogenic emissions of very reactive compounds

R. Holzinger, A. Lee, K. T. Paw, and U. A. H. Goldstein

Abstract. Vertical gradients of mixing ratios of volatile organic compounds have been measured in a Ponderosa pine forest in Central California (38.90° N, 120.63° W, 1315m). These measurements reveal large quantities of previously unreported oxidation products of short lived biogenic precursors. The emission of biogenic precursors must be in the range of 13-66µmol m-2h-1 to produce the observed oxidation products. That is 6-30 times the emissions of total monoterpenes observed above the forest canopy on a molar basis. These reactive precursors constitute a large fraction of biogenic emissions at this site, and are not included in current emission inventories. When oxidized by ozone they should efficiently produce secondary aerosol and hydroxyl radicals.

Final-revised paper