Articles | Volume 24, issue 3
Research article
12 Feb 2024
Research article |  | 12 Feb 2024

Revisiting day-of-week ozone patterns in an era of evolving US air quality

Heather Simon, Christian Hogrefe, Andrew Whitehill, Kristen M. Foley, Jennifer Liljegren, Norm Possiel, Benjamin Wells, Barron H. Henderson, Lukas C. Valin, Gail Tonnesen, K. Wyat Appel, and Shannon Koplitz

Data sets

Data used in the analysis documented in "Revisiting Day-of-Week Ozone Patterns in an Era of Evolving U.S. Air Quality" Heather Simon et al.

Short summary
We assess observed and modeled ozone weekend–weekday differences in the USA from 2002–2019. A subset of urban areas that were NOx-saturated at the beginning of the period transitioned to NOx-limited conditions. Multiple rural areas of California were NOx-limited for the entire period but become less influenced by local day-of-week emission patterns in more recent years. The model produces more NOx-saturated conditions than the observations but captures trends in weekend–weekday ozone patterns.
Final-revised paper