Articles | Volume 23, issue 15
Research article
09 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 09 Aug 2023

Comparison of methods to estimate aerosol effective radiative forcings in climate models

Mark D. Zelinka, Christopher J. Smith, Yi Qin, and Karl E. Taylor

Model code and software

mzelinka/aprp: Aug 1, 2023 Release (v3.0) Mark Zelinka

Short summary
The primary uncertainty in how strongly Earth's climate has been perturbed by human activities comes from the unknown radiative impact of aerosol changes. Accurately quantifying these forcings – and their sub-components – in climate models is crucial for understanding the past and future simulated climate. In this study we describe biases in previously published estimates of aerosol radiative forcing in climate models and provide corrected estimates along with code for users to compute them.
Final-revised paper