Articles | Volume 23, issue 13
Research article
10 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 10 Jul 2023

Chemical evolution of primary and secondary biomass burning aerosols during daytime and nighttime

Amir Yazdani, Satoshi Takahama, John K. Kodros, Marco Paglione, Mauro Masiol, Stefania Squizzato, Kalliopi Florou, Christos Kaltsonoudis, Spiro D. Jorga, Spyros N. Pandis, and Athanasios Nenes

Data sets

Infrared spectra of chamber aerosols A. Yazdani, S. Takahama, J. K. Kodros, M. Paglione, M. Masiol, S. Squizzato, K. Florou, C. Kaltsonoudis, S. D. Jorga, S. N. Pandis, and A. Nenes

Short summary
Organic aerosols directly emitted from wood and pellet stove combustion are found to chemically transform (approximately 15 %–35 % by mass) under daytime aging conditions simulated in an environmental chamber. A new marker for lignin-like compounds is found to degrade at a different rate than previously identified biomass burning markers and can potentially provide indication of aging time in ambient samples.
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