Articles | Volume 23, issue 12
Measurement report
28 Jun 2023
Measurement report |  | 28 Jun 2023

Measurement report: Atmospheric CH4 at regional stations of the Korea Meteorological Administration–Global Atmosphere Watch Programme: measurement, characteristics, and long-term changes of its drivers

Haeyoung Lee, Wonick Seo, Shanlan Li, Soojeong Lee, Samuel Takele Kenea, and Sangwon Joo

Data sets

AMY and TAP CH4 flask data and WLG CH4 data X. Lan, E. J. Dlugokencky, J. W. Mund, A. M. Crotwell, M. J. Crotwell, E. Moglia, M. Madronich, D. Neff, and K. W. Thoning

AMY and TAP C13 in CH4 flask data S. E. Michel, J. R. Clark, B. H. Vaughn, M. Crotwell, M. Madronich, E. Moglia, D. Neff, and J. Mund

RYO CH4 data Saito Kazuyuki

Atmospheric CH4 at Anmyeon-do by Korea Meteorological Administratio Haeyoung Lee

Atmospheric CH4 at Jeju Gosan by Korea Meteorological Administration Haeyoung Lee

Short summary
We introduced three Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) monitoring stations with monitoring systems and measurement uncertainty. We also analyzed the regional characteristics of CH4 at each KMA station. CH4 levels measured at KMA stations are compared to those measured at other Asian stations. From the long-term records of CH4 and δ13CH4 at AMY, we confirmed that the source of CH4xs changed from the past (2006 to 2010) to recent (2016 to 2020) years in East Asia.
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