Articles | Volume 23, issue 9
Research article
15 May 2023
Research article |  | 15 May 2023

Source attribution of near-surface ozone trends in the United States during 1995–2019

Pengwei Li, Yang Yang, Hailong Wang, Su Li, Ke Li, Pinya Wang, Baojie Li, and Hong Liao

Data sets

MERRA-2 reanalysis data NASA

Ozone Daily Summary Date EPA

Data for "Source attribution of near-surface ozone in the United States during 1995-2019" Y. Yang

Short summary
We use a novel technique that can attribute O3 to precursors to investigate O3 changes in the United States during 1995–2019. We found that the US domestic energy and surface transportation emission reductions are primarily responsible for the O3 decrease in summer. In winter, factors such as nitrogen oxide emission reduction in the context of its inhibition of ozone production, increased aviation and shipping activities, and large-scale circulation changes contribute to the O3 increases.
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