Articles | Volume 23, issue 9
Measurement report
03 May 2023
Measurement report |  | 03 May 2023

Measurement report: Atmospheric fluorescent bioaerosol concentrations measured during 18 months in a coniferous forest in the south of Sweden

Madeleine Petersson Sjögren, Malin Alsved, Tina Šantl-Temkiv, Thomas Bjerring Kristensen, and Jakob Löndahl

Data sets

ICOS ATC NRT Meteo growing time series, Hyltemossa (70.0 m) M. Heliasz and T. Biermann

ICOS ATC Meteo Release, Hyltemossa (70.0 m) M. Heliasz and T. Biermann

Petersson Sjögren et al 2023 Biotrak Data Hyltemossa Petersson Sjögren M., Alsved M., Šantl-Temkiv T., Bjerring Kristensen T., and Löndahl J.

Short summary
Biological aerosol particles (bioaerosols) affect human health by spreading diseases and may be important agents for atmospheric processes, but their abundance and size distributions are largely unknown. We measured bioaerosols for 18 months in the south of Sweden to investigate bioaerosol temporal variations and their couplings to meteorology. Our results showed that the bioaerosols emissions were coupled to meteorological parameters and depended strongly on the season.
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