Articles | Volume 23, issue 21
Technical note
07 Nov 2023
Technical note |  | 07 Nov 2023

Technical note: Gas-phase nitrate radical generation via irradiation of aerated ceric ammonium nitrate mixtures

Andrew T. Lambe, Bin Bai, Masayuki Takeuchi, Nicole Orwat, Paul M. Zimmerman, Mitchell W. Alton, Nga L. Ng, Andrew Freedman, Megan S. Claflin, Drew R. Gentner, Douglas R. Worsnop, and Pengfei Liu

Model code and software

KinSim_Code Z. Peng and J. L. Jimenez

Short summary
We developed a new method to generate nitrate radicals (NO3) for atmospheric chemistry applications that works by irradiating mixtures containing ceric ammonium nitrate with a UV light at room temperature. It has several advantages over traditional NO3 sources. We characterized its performance over a range of mixture and reactor conditions as well as other irradiation products. Proof of concept was demonstrated by generating and characterizing oxidation products of the β-pinene + NO3 reaction.
Final-revised paper