Articles | Volume 23, issue 20
Research article
17 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 17 Oct 2023

Historical (1960–2014) lightning and LNOx trends and their controlling factors in a chemistry–climate model

Yanfeng He and Kengo Sudo

Data sets

Earthdata search, GHRC Portal NASA


Extended Reconstructed SST NCEI

Model code and software

Introducing new lightning schemes into the CHASER (MIROC) chemistry climate model Yanfeng He, Hossain M. S. Hoque, and Kengo Sudo

Short summary
Lightning has big social impacts. Lightning-produced NOx (LNOx) plays a vital role in atmospheric chemistry and climate. Investigating past lightning and LNOx trends can provide essential indicators of all lightning-related phenomena. Simulations show almost flat global lightning and LNOx trends during 1960–2014. Past global warming enhances the trends positively, but increases in aerosol have the opposite effect. Moreover, global lightning decreased markedly after the Pinatubo eruption.
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