Articles | Volume 23, issue 19
Research article
12 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 12 Oct 2023

Volatile organic compound fluxes in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley – spatial distribution, source attribution, and inventory comparison

Eva Y. Pfannerstill, Caleb Arata, Qindan Zhu, Benjamin C. Schulze, Roy Woods, John H. Seinfeld, Anthony Bucholtz, Ronald C. Cohen, and Allen H. Goldstein

Data sets

Meteorological and VOC flux data E. Y. Pfannerstill, C. Arata, R. Woods, A. Bucholtz, and A. H. Goldstein

Model code and software

Airborne VOC flux analysis code 2023 E. Y. Pfannerstill

qdzhu/FLUX: v2.0 qdzhu/FLUX: 2nd release (2.0) Q. Zhu, B. Place, E. Y. Pfannerstill, S. Tong, H. Zhang, J. Wang, C. M. Nussbaumer, P. Wooldridge, B. C. Schulze, C. Arata, A. Bucholtz, J. H. Seinfeld, A. H. Goldstein, and R. C. Cohen

Short summary
The San Joaquin Valley is an agricultural area with poor air quality. Organic gases drive the formation of hazardous air pollutants. Agricultural emissions of these gases are not well understood and have rarely been quantified at landscape scale. By combining aircraft-based emission measurements with land cover information, we found mis- or unrepresented emission sources. Our results help in understanding of pollution sources and in improving predictions of air quality in agricultural regions.
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