Articles | Volume 23, issue 19
Research article
11 Oct 2023
Research article |  | 11 Oct 2023

Production of ice-nucleating particles (INPs) by fast-growing phytoplankton

Daniel C. O. Thornton, Sarah D. Brooks, Elise K. Wilbourn, Jessica Mirrielees, Alyssa N. Alsante, Gerardo Gold-Bouchot, Andrew Whitesell, and Kiana McFadden

Data sets

Production of ice nucleating particles (INPs) by fast growing phytoplankton Daniel Thornton

Short summary
A major uncertainty in our understanding of clouds and climate is the sources and properties of the aerosol on which clouds grow. We found that aerosol containing organic matter from fast-growing marine phytoplankton was a source of ice-nucleating particles (INPs). INPs facilitate freezing of ice crystals at warmer temperatures than otherwise possible and therefore change cloud formation and properties. Our results show that ecosystem processes and the properties of sea spray aerosol are linked.
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