Articles | Volume 22, issue 10
Research article
25 May 2022
Research article |  | 25 May 2022

Improved estimation of volcanic SO2 injections from satellite retrievals and Lagrangian transport simulations: the 2019 Raikoke eruption

Zhongyin Cai, Sabine Griessbach, and Lars Hoffmann

Data sets

AIRS/Aqua L1B Infrared (IR) geolocated and calibrated radiances V005 AIRS project

AIRS/Aqua Observations of Volcanic Emissions, V1 ( L. Hoffmann

Reanalysis Tropopause Data Repository, V1 ( L. Hoffmann and R. Spang

Model code and software

slcs-jsc/mptrac: v2.2 ( L. Hoffmann, J. Clemens, J. Holke, M. Liu, and K. H. Mood

Short summary
Using AIRS and TROPOMI sulfur dioxide retrievals and the Lagrangian transport model MPTRAC, we present an improved reconstruction of injection parameters of the 2019 Raikoke eruption. Reconstructions agree well between using AIRS nighttime and TROPOMI daytime retrievals, showing the potential of our approach to create a long-term volcanic sulfur dioxide inventory from nearly 20 years of AIRS retrievals.
Final-revised paper