Articles | Volume 22, issue 9
Research article
13 May 2022
Research article |  | 13 May 2022

New particle formation in coastal New Zealand with a focus on open-ocean air masses

Maija Peltola, Clémence Rose, Jonathan V. Trueblood, Sally Gray, Mike Harvey, and Karine Sellegri

Data sets

Sea2Cloud - Baring-Head - CPC - Level 0 K. Sellegri

Sea2Cloud - Baring-Head SMPS - Level 0 K. Sellegri

Sea2Cloud - Baring-Head - PSM - Level 2 K. Sellegri

Short summary
Despite the importance of marine aerosol measurements for constraining climate models, these measurements are scarce. We measured the aerosol particle number size distribution in coastal New Zealand over a total period of 10 months. This paper analyses the aerosol properties at the site, with a special focus on new particle formation and marine air masses. New particle formation was observed frequently, but in marine air masses it did not follow traditional event criteria.
Final-revised paper