Articles | Volume 22, issue 8
Measurement report
25 Apr 2022
Measurement report |  | 25 Apr 2022

Measurement report: Interpretation of wide-range particulate matter size distributions in Delhi

Ülkü Alver Şahin, Roy M. Harrison, Mohammed S. Alam, David C. S. Beddows, Dimitrios Bousiotis, Zongbo Shi, Leigh R. Crilley, William Bloss, James Brean, Isha Khanna, and Rulan Verma

Data sets

Research data supporting "Interpretation of Wide Range Particulate Matter Size Distributions in Delhi" R. M. Harrison and Ü. A. Şahin

Short summary
Wide-range particle size spectra have been measured in three seasons in Delhi and are interpreted in terms of sources and processes. Condensational growth is a major feature of the fine fraction, and a coarse fraction contributes substantially – but only in summer.
Final-revised paper